Teachers Apprenticeship Program (T.A.P.)

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About T.A.P.

Our goal is and always has been to provide the very best dance training for our students and it takes more than being a great dancer to be a great teacher. That is why we offer our Teacher Apprenticeship Program (T.A.P.) to students who have displayed competency in dance technique and are interested in learning teaching and coaching skills.

T.A.P. provides an opportunity to apprentice alongside one of our qualified teachers and assist them in instructing their classes. Through this program, students will become familiar with classroom structure, creating and executing lesson plans, learn to teach steps in creative ways and learn to correct students through positive feedback and hands-on adjustments.

You may apply anytime for the program, which runs from the beginning to the end of each dance season (Sept – June). Applications are reviewed in June and successful candidates are notified in early August each year.

How to Apply

Our program pairs up apprentices and instructors so there are a limited number of positions available. The following guidelines ensure the best placement of applicants within the available spots. Applicants must:
To apply, please submit an essay to Ms. Barb answering the following questions:
  1. Why will I be a good T.A.P. Team member?
  2. What do I hope to gain from the T.A.P. Team program?

Member Responsibilities

Once accepted into the program, T.A.P. team members:

Stay Updated

To help us deliver timely updates to you, we have a T.A.P. member Facebook page. You should be included after our first meeting of the season. If not, please email the office and we will invite you to the group.