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Year End Recital

All students are included in our annual Recital at the beginning of June at the Centennial Concert Hall. DBSD has held our show at the Concert Hall for over twenty years - it is a wonderful experience for the children, as well as a comfortable space for parents. Tickets are sold through Ticketmaster.


Costumes are designed and created for individual students by the instructor and our designers at Dance Plus. The final result is always a wonderful costume to compliment a spectacular year-end show.

A deposit of $40.00 per student and per routine is due at the time of costume fitting. This deposit will be subtracted from your final costume fee in April. Prices range from approximately $75.00 (for our younger students) - $120.00 per costume (this includes all taxes and labour as well as fabric, trim and tights). Prices will vary from class to class and year to year depending on the style of costume, type of fabric and trim used.

Watch for information regarding in-studio costume fittings and costume pick up on our Dates & Events page.


It is a Centennial Concert Hall policy that children under the age of 18 require adult supervision while inside the venue. Each class is required to have 1-3 volunteers depending on the size of the group. Volunteers play a HUGE part of making Recital night a success, the show cannot go on without you.

Please lend a hand and sign-up early. Either during Registration, in April when the parent volunteer sign-up sheet is posted on the board at the studio or email us anytime of year. We would love to hear from you.

Volunteers are welcome to enjoy the show for free from the second balcony and then watch the class they are assisting up close from backstage.

Volunteers also receive a 25% discount off of the purchase of a Recital DVD.


Scholarships are presented at the year-end recital and may used towards next season's tuition. Selected by the teachers, the DBSD Annual Scholarships are awarded to students in recognition of their artistic growth, excellent attendance, positive attitude and hard work throughout the year.

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